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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims to achieve better organic search results on search engines like Google, without resorting to paid means like sponsored links or advertisements ( for example, Google Ads).

Why Do You Need It ?

It’s a reflex: as soon as you have a question, you ask Google. The goal of Google is to answer the questions of Internet users. At Spritz, we optimize our clients’ websites so that Google chooses them as a benchmark. With a well-referenced site, our clients increase their visibility and can reach potential clients in more diverse markets, which generally translates into increased sales. However, Google changes its algorithm regularly. To stay up to date and maintain a good positioning, you must therefore follow the latest trends and adjust accordingly. This is where our digital specialists can make a real difference in ensuring that our clients’ sites continue to evolve with the algorithms.

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How does the Seowerty team improve your SEO?

To optimize a website, our digital team:

Scan the current site; performs keyword research based on objectives to suggest more suitable keywords; suggests changes to the content of web pages, as needed. After optimizing the site, our strategists can guide the production of content, such as blog posts or videos, with specific keywords to improve SEO. We observe all the SEO factors on the site, but also the off-site factors (such as backlinks). We are putting in place tools to track SEO results over time and discover new keyword opportunities. With these means in place, we manage to find words or expressions with little competition, but all the same associated with a volume of interesting research for the client.

“Be first in Google! "

“Be first in Google! “
Being first in Google is not for everyone. It takes strategic thinking, a solid game plan, and calculated effort.

First, for which keywords do we want to rank?
Does the current content contain these keywords or does it need to be revised?
If you put yourself in the shoes of the Internet user (the potential customer) and look for the type of product or service you offer, would your page perform well on Google search?
Can the Internet user easily find the information they need?
How easy is it for this internet user to achieve their goal (for example, to reach you, register or buy online)?
By meeting these criteria, we increase the chances that the site is well referenced by RankBrain.

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