Social Media Marketing

If you are looking to boost your communication and marketing, you need to find a digital agency specializing in social networks a digital and social media agency, will offer you personalized services, developed to meet your needs and requirements.

Social Networks: An Essential Lever For Performing On The Web

Today, media and social networks are part of the daily life of companies, organizations and professionals, all sectors combined. Make yourself known, promote your activities, services and products or even your brands, optimize your visibility on the web, etc., the possibilities offered by these communication channels are numerous.

In addition, they are also means that make it possible to cultivate proximity with prospects and customers as well as with the various interlocutors such as financial and institutional partners. And finally, these are particularly effective tools for building a good image on the Internet (e-reputation) and maintaining it to stand out from your competitors.

Brand Content

The Internet consumer is turning away from advertising that he perceives as a massive and intrusive inducement to consume. Demanding, he seeks from brands an experience to be lived, commitment, sensitivity, consistency and a real story.

Community Management

Build, animate, retain your community, define your editorial line, animate your spaces (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube ...) on a daily basis and follow and moderate conversations with Internet users, including in sensitive situations, set up Efficient publication and ROI measurement tools, these are the pillars of a community management strategy on the social web.

Relation Influenceurs

In 15 years, influencers have multiplied and the notion of influence has become more complex. Beyond bloggers, Youtubers, Instagramers, and other Tik-Tokers with sometimes gigantic and often young communities are now essential. Idaos helps you define your goals, identify influencers, initiate and maintain relationships with them, organize special operations, monitor their content production, measure results ...

Customer Relations on The Web

The proliferation of arrests by Internet users, attacks on social networks against brands and companies, the denigration of personalities and fake news impact your image and your notoriety. The digital agency Idaos identifies, moderates and responds to these detractors in conversation spaces: Twitter, Facebook, forums etc. Faced with these crisis situations, we are developing a pro-active strategy in connection with your “customer relations” services.

Brand Positioning
Leads Generation
Business Linking
Guest Blogging

Social Media Campaigns

Social networks make available their extremely powerful targeting tools managed by their web agencies, in particular Facebook Ad’s. The performance of social marketing campaigns is very dependent on a good understanding of these tools.

In addition to social ads campaigns, the implementation of operations (games, contests) on social networks helps develop communities, increase Internet user loyalty and boost their interactions with the brand. The ROI depends on the objectives set upstream by the brand.

Improved Brand Awareness
Increased Traffic and SEO Ranking